ORÅ Nano Mask - Filters (10 Pack)

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Non-medical, instertable Nanofiber Filters for the most environmentally friendly mask in the world.

ORÅ Nano Mask Filters are made with nanofibers to filter out 99% of all harmful particles. Our nanofilters are constructed from recyclable plastic fibers in non-woven patterns, which leave open airways for fresh air while filtering out the dangerous and harmful particles. The ORÅ Nano Mask Filters are intended to be used with the ORÅ Nano Mask which are designed by a renowned materials scientist, tested by third-parties, and proven efficient based on the highest certification standards. 

Available in:
- 2 Sizes: Mini, Medium/ Large

The package contains:
-10 Nanofiber filters, each last 100-160 hours
-Fully recyclable

Note: Opened filter packs are non-refundable. This is a Non-medical device and is NOT intended as a substitute for CDC or FDA approved surgical masks or respirators. Do NOT use as a liquid barrier or for anything other than intended use.

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