ORÅ Nano Mask

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A premium, reusable mask made for the eco-conscious and tech-savvy.

Ora Nano Masks are developed with your health in mind. Every mask is covered in 5 protective layers and designed with cutting-edge technology to filter out 99% of the following:

- Dust
- Common Allergens
- Air Pollutants
- Harmful Bacteria
- Wildfire Smoke
- Toxic Fumes

- 2 Layers of Poly-Nylon Spandex with a pocket for insertable NanoFilters
- Power Mesh Mouth strip to minimize drag when speaking
- Adjustable Nose Bridge to secure a tight seal and prevent fogging
- Adjustable Ear Straps to perfectly taper the mask to the face for all-day comfort

Available in:
- 3 Sizes: Mini, Medium, Large
- 2 Colors: Black, Gray

Note: This is a non-medical mask and is not intended as a substitute for CDC or FDA approved surgical masks or respirators. Do not use as a liquid barrier or for anything other than intended use.

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