ORÅ Nano Filter Sheet (Not compatible with ORÅ Mask)

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Non-medical, universal Nanofiber Filters in a ready-to-cut format.

ORA Brands is dedicated in developing products with your health in mind. We created this product for those who love to wear their own favorite mask, but still in need of protection. These DIY Nanofiber Filters are made with the same technology we place on our ORÅ Nano Mask and ORÅ Disposable Mask.

The package contains:
- 5 filter sheets, each lasts 100-160 hours
- Fully recyclable
- Dimension: 4 3/4 x 3 1/4 inches

Note: Not compatible with ORÅ Nano Masks. Specifically designed for use with standard cloth/fabric masks.Opened filter packs are not refundable.This is a Non-medical mask and is NOT intended as a substitute for CDC or FDA approved surgical masks or respirators. Do NOT use as a liquid barrier or for anything other than intended use.

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