Why ORÅ?

Perfect Protection

ORÅ’s Nanofiber Filters filter out over 99% of damaging particulates and protect you from pollen, smog, microorganisms and other natural and unnatural air pollutants down to 0.1 microns.

All Day Comfort

Adjustable Nose Bridges and Ear Loops outfit our masks to personally tailor each one to your unique facial structure. We hand picked soft, hyper-comfortable fabrics such as Sports mesh and Poly-Nylon Spandex to further maximize your comfort.

Better for the Earth

Our masks are always made from recycled and recyclable materials. Other masks on the market are not, and will end in a landfill. All packaging is compostable, and as a result ORÅ leaves a smaller footprint than any competitor. We’re currently working on a fully compostable mask that will help us fulfill our commitment to being completely carbon neutral by 2030.

Made by Scientists, in the USA

We built a world-class team to create the most effective mask that provides maximum protection with sustainable, eco-safe materials. Our Nevada-based team manufactures all masks with local workers. A portion of all profits are given back to essential community initiatives.