Far from the stress of thin straps that dig into the ears, and scratchy materials that are unbreathable and irritate the skin, ORÅ Disposable Mask has a 3-size fit so everyone can find their best fit! The ORÅ Disposable Mask are designed to provide comfort without compromise through the following benefits:

1) Multi-layered protection

The ORÅ Disposable Mask is specially designed with Nano-filtration membrane. The exterior layer is a dust holding PET that is recyclable, and the nanofiber material is a PVDF that enables breathability and all-day comfort.

Filter Layer 1 in the Nano-filter membrane has PET fibers that block medium-sized particles. Filter Layer 2 has Nanofibers to block pollutants down to the Nano scales (10^-9!) such as smog, smoke, dust, and allergens. Filter Layer 3 has PET fibers like Layer 1, that creates a protective structure for Nanofibers.

2) Cutting-edge technology

Beyond our innovative design and multi-layered dust protection, the ORÅ Disposable Maskis a top premium product. With the cutting-edge technology that goes into the manufacturing of the mask, it can effectively stop 99% of dust, and other air pollutants. This allows the ORÅ Disposable Mask to prevent allergens, smoke, and other fumes from getting past the material of the mask.

3) Size Variations

The ORÅ Disposable Mask comes in three size variations: small, medium, and large to ensure that there is a mask for everyone, regardless of their size requirements.

4) Material quality

ORÅ Nano Filters are made out of electro-spun Polyvinylidene Fluoride or PVDF providing more sustainability due to its lack of heavy solvents versus Polypropylene or PP which most mask filters use. The ORÅ Disposable Mask is ideal to wear for extended times, without hurting the wearer or reducing the quality of the experience.

5) Recyclable

The ORÅ Disposable Mask is fully recyclable that lasts for up to 100-160 hours of use.

Using an ORÅ Disposable Mask is taking responsible action to abide by the health regulations, while ensuring comfort without compromise. For more information, please contact: rani@orabrands.com!