Technology is the center of our products, literally.

ORÅ Mask, powered by Viaex Technologies, was envisaged in an American laboratory and designed locally in San Francisco, CA. 

The ORÅ Nano Mask Filter stops 99% of PM2.5 particles, including dust, and other air pollutants, pollen, dander and other allergens, bacteria and other germs, harmful gases, smoke (including from wildfires) and other fumes with its five-layer protection and hypoallergenic hydrophobic nanofilter.

Our filter has achieved 99% particle removal efficiency, based on EN143 European certification standards and third-party testing.

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Key benefits of ORÅ Nano Mask

5 layer protection mask with filter

Membrane Technology

The inner layer of our filter is comprised of a nanofiber membrane that is constructed from recyclable plastic fibers in a non-woven pattern (Fig. 1). Fibers are on the order of 85 ± 20 nm in diameter. This nanoscopic morphology creates uniquely small pores and drastically increases the membrane surface area, while leaving open air travel paths in 99% of the membrane volume. Personal filter masks have been tested to show facile breathability with high microfabrication capacity.


Figure 1: SEM image of nanofibers (left) and histogram of nanofiber diameters (right). Fibers are randomly oriented in the membrane plane, creating sub-micron pore sizes throughout the membrane. Fibers are 85 ± 20 nm in diameter.


ORÅ Nano Mask Features