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ORÅ has partnered with San Jose-based Unibui as one of the only mask manufacturers on the University Marketplace’s catalog to provide quality masks to returning students. 

Unibui’s catalog is available for K-12 education, partnered schools (Including San Jose State University and West Valley College) and all Community College Districts throughout the state of California, the largest higher education system in America consisting of 114 Colleges and 2.2 million students. Student Users on Unibui save $2500 yearly on scholastic needs.

But why stop there?

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The Price Problem

Let’s break down some numbers to understand why it’s important to supply schools and communities with masks to distribute to students. The 2020 school year saw an enrollment of  50.7 million K-12 and 19.7 post-secondary education students. A K-12 school year has 180 days of instruction while post-secondary education has 150 days. 

In bulk, KN95 Masks range in price from $0.40 - $1.50, however prices below the $1 price point are typically only available for quantities over 500. Consumer pricing of lower quantity KN95 masks range anywhere from $1.50 - $1.75 per mask.

(50,700,000 ) K-12 Students ×  (180) Days × ($1.75) KN95 = $16.0 Billion
(19,700,000 ) Post-Secondary Students ×  (150) Days × ($1.75) KN95 = $5.17 Billion

If educational institutions chose not to supply their students with readily available face masks for the entirety of the school year, it would cost students or their parents roughly $21.2 billion for that school year.


ORÅ’s Back To School Buy One, Give Back

As the number of people who received Covid-19 vaccinations increases daily, many throughout the country are asking the question: when will students return back to the classroom and receive in-person learning?

Though many question when students should return to the classroom, ORÅ is already thinking about how they should return. ORÅ realizes that while vaccinations play a key role in bringing back normalcy, students and staff of educational facilities need to be supplemented with proper and universal mask wear for just a little while longer in order to completely diminish any risk of transmission. For that reason, ORÅ wants to help supply reopening schools and communities with our New Disposable Nano Masks.

From April 29th, 2021 until May 31st, 2021 ORÅ will match every single disposable mask purchased and donate the same amount to US based Educational Non-Profit Organizations to help provide masks to under-resourced school districts with students going back to in-person education at the beginning of the 2021 school year. Furthermore, for every purchase of our reusable nano mask, ORÅ will donate 15 disposable masks.

Learn more on how ORÅ Nano Masks will protect our students as they return to in-person instruction 

Who are We Giving To?

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We will be giving to Non-Profit Organizations who are dedicated to helping out our developing youth in under-resourced school districts throughout the United States.

Know of a Non-Profit Organization that you’d like to see in this campaign?