1. How do I put the ORÅ Nano Mask on?

First, place the mask over the bridge of your nose and secure the bottom to your chin. Using your other hand, pull the straps on the sides over each ear. Ensure the mask is flush against your skin and has no gaps.

2. How does the filter work?

The ORÅ Nano Mask uses an innovative triple-layer nanofiltration system with nanofiber membranes comprised of recyclable plastic fibers. The uniquely fine fibers are constructed in a non-woven pattern to create extremely small pores, enabling the wearer to breathe freely while offering PM2.5 protection.

3. How do I replace the filter?

Open one of the slots on the inside edge of the mask and pull out the used filter. Then, slide the new filter into the slot and push through the mask. Use the other slot to pull the filter until it’s centered in the mask. Once in place, fold each tab on both ends of the filter inward, pull back the mask, and slide the tab into the slot. Do the same on both sides to ensure a secure fit and full coverage.

The used filter can then be recycled.

4. What does the mask block?

With a PM2.5 rating, the ORÅ Nano Mask actively stops a variety of particles from entering your airways. These include soot, dust, chemicals, pollution, allergens, and more.

5. How many filters come with the mask?

The ORÅ Nano Mask includes three filters. Additional filters can be purchased in packs of five or ten.

6. How long does each filter last?

Each ORÅ Nano Mask filter can last up to 100-160 hours of total use in a moderate AQI environment. As a general rule of thumb, the filter for the mask should be replaced once breathability starts to noticeably decrease. The filter will continue to function, though a fresh filter will provide more comfortable breathing. 

7. Where can I order more filters?

A pack of five or ten ORÅ Nano Mask Filters can be ordered directly on our website.

8. Which size mask should I buy?

There are three sizes available for the ORÅ Nano Mask: mini, medium, and large. The medium and large sizes are designed for adults while the mini size is for children.

9. Have you tested your filters?

Yes, to the fullest extent. Our nanofiber filter has gone through extensive testing. The ORÅ Nano Mask Filters achieve 99% filtration for PM2.5 particles. The exterior material of the mask also provides additional blocking of particles.

10. Are the masks N95 / CE certified?

We’re currently in the process of obtaining N95 certification. According to our extensive testing, the ORÅ Nano Mask is capable of removing over 99% of EN143-defined PM2.5 particles which is even beyond the required standard. 

11. Where is the mask produced?

The ORÅ Nano Mask was entirely designed in by the ORÅ Mask Team in San Francisco. Since our launch, we've relocated to a brand new facility in Reno, Nevada where all research, design, development and manufacturing now take place.