Top 6 Work from Home Tips

Top 6 Work from Home Tips

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Work from home tips. With the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are forced to let their employees work from home. Navigating how to work from home has since become a buzzing area of conversation as employers are checking for productivity.

Since we will all be transitioning into remote jobs, we wanted to compile a list of effective work from home tips and tricks to help you get used to working remotely and increase productivity.

TIP 1: Maintain Consistent Working Hours

Even though we are working from home and our time commuting to work has been significantly cut, we are still expected to work our full-time hours.

Start your day right and ensure that you stay awake and responsive during your shift, try asking yourself: When should I get out of bed? When should I take a break from work? It is best to have regular hours that you work each day even with remote jobs.

Having a routine time table and following it will certainly help you maintain life-work balance while working from home. You may have become  accustomed to work life because you worked in an office, but entering the world of remote workers means having efficient time management.

If you are looking to optimize your time management, perhaps it would be best to first determine how much you can practically get done in a single workday. Then try examining all that you accomplish and identify different time sinks that drag you away from work.

One way to get more done is to write a list of everything you need to get done for the day. First, tackle the things that you can finish relatively quickly (tasks that would only take less than 10 minutes), and complete those.

Once you've finished those tasks, look at your list and identify the hardest task you have or the one you dread the most and try to accomplish that task first. You should find that once that task is out of the way you will have more mental bandwidth and motivation to finish your tasks and stay focused.

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TIP 2: Create a Workspace

One reason why people are not productive while working from home is because of the absence of work environment scenery. Working right next to your bed will probably not encourage you to stay awake. It is best to create a workspace at home which can help you retain focus.

Take this tip from independent contractors, customer service representatives, or call centers who often work independently, from a home office. With this small change in atmosphere, even working from home can be productive. Start with having a desk or work table that is yours alone. Try not to do anything but work in that space to have a clear delineation between work life and the rest of your day. 

If you have the option to change up your workspace, perhaps it would be best to place your desk near a window to have natural light. Natural light can bring your body more energy as you feel more awake. It will also help in bringing more lighting so that you don't strain your eyes as you look at your screen.

TIP 3: Increase Productivity 

Mitigating distractions while working from home will help you apply the remaining tips we will be talking about. It is best to avoid areas of family gatherings such as dining room, living room, and kitchen when setting up your workspace. You might have to set ground rules for those within your space during your routine work hours.

This includes letting the kids know to stay outside and positioning yourself away from the tv. Or consider closing all social media tabs on your dashboard, silencing your phone to mitigate phone calls, and checking your email in intervals.

Try using positive distractions instead of negative ones! Plug into instrumental music or lofi beats to keep your mind working and focused. Often these sounds will drown to the background and help you focus on what you are doing. Try out different playlists and see what works best for you.

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TIP 4: Connect with Colleagues while Working from Home

Don’t stay isolated while working from home. Maintain regular face to face contact with your team members, show up for meetings on video call, contribute during discussions, own important tasks, and so on. This tip is one of the work from home tips we use here at ORÅ Nano Mask to maintain top-level performance. By maintaining standard communication with everyone at work you will make working remotely still feel collaborative.

If you are feeling bogged down with work and want more connection, try proposing a virtual lunch. Encourage your team to sit with their home prepared lunches and catch up or bond for their 30 minute lunch breaks. In that way, even if it's not about work, you'll help create team unity.

TIP 5: Don’t Go Too Hard on Yourself

It’s essential not to go too hard on yourself if you intend to stay productive. Include breaks in your regular work routine and take the break for its entirety. This will help with overall time management!

Remember, the best work from home tips involve personal health safety. Don’t forget to include rest time in your remote routine. This tip will be more effective with the use of a daily or weekly schedule.

Even with current circumstances, you can still go for brisk walks in a socially distant way to get your blood flowing. Exercise helps you feel more relaxed during the workday and can improve your ability to stay focused as well as keep you in a good mood!

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TIP 6: Be Flexible and Innovative

You should maintain flexibility while exploring other work from home tips. Your plan and schedule should cater to your specific needs while working remotely. Try getting dressed like you are going out to work and vary your work approach. Flexibility is essential to keep your work interesting and keep you sharp. 

Try standing while you work or video calling a coworker to stay productive. If you find any changes that you implement that can improve your work, try it!

Ultimately these work from home tips are for your benefit, try some of them and if they aren't working for you, that's okay! The goal is to optimize your workspace to make it as productive and pleasant as possible. If there is something that you find really helps you stay focused, great! Find a friend or coworker and share your insight.

 Current public health circumstances necessitate people to work from home. Even those that have to step out must do so wearing quality face masks which you can get from ORÅ Mask. But for instances where you must stay home, we hope these work from home tips will help with your productivity!

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