Lightning Sparks Fires Across California

Lightning Sparks Fires Across California

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Over the past three days, California has been bombarded by roughly 10,000 lightning strikes, sparking wildfires across the state. 

Fire has broken out and scorched over 85,000 acres between Napa, and Solano Sonoma county. People have been wondering if the LNU (Lightning Complex) fire near them will cause evacuations.

Napa County and Sonoma County Fire

If like us you walked outside this morning and were wondering why the sky looked so hazy, here is what you need to know! The California fire map shows recent cal fire incidents, the most devastating being the current fire that broke out tuesday morning in the Bay Area. If you are in one of the affected regions and need access to a fire station find one here: fire stations near me.

The fires have been generating a lot of air pollution, fire officials are fighting multiple fires but as of when this article was written, only about 5% of the fires have been contained. Gov. Gavin Newsom has recently declared a state of emergency across California to ensure the availability of crucial resources for the essential workers and fire departments tackling this issue. As they continue to burn, please take these precautionary steps to keep you and your family safe:

  1. If you must go out, wear a face mask with a filter.
  2. Close all windows and doors to limit the amount of air pollution in.

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Protective Face Mask

Currently, the air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups. To keep loved one's safe, make sure they are wearing a mask when they leave the door. Check to make sure the mask is not loose fitting, but smugly wrapped around their nose and chin. We recommend looking for a mask that allows breathability but keeps respiratory droplets out.

Smoke Face Mask

From this recommendation, consider investing in face masks with filter inserts. ORÅ Mask now offers same day pick up! From 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, order your mask online and pick up the same day at our shop. We have also recently launched universal filters that can fit in most reusable face masks.

ORÅ Mask's filters stop 99% of harmful particles (PM2.5 pollutants) including smoke from wildfires and other harmful gases. It is custom made for our V3 O2 masks to give our clients the highest level of protection. 

Before you buy replacement filters, think about the filter materials used in producing them. Check out the innovative technology ORÅ Mask is using to develop their face masks. Remember, dust masks that you can pick up from your local hardware store are not helpful for filtering the air. These masks are primarily used in keeping large particles like sawdust out of your lungs, but not the small ones that come from wildfire smoke.

Air Pollution

Try to keep indoor air uncontaminated. Since affected areas have been advised to stay indoors, run an air conditioner limiting the air pulled in form the outside. If by circumstance you do not have access to AC or are currently experiencing a heat wave and resulting power outage, go to a shelter designated by your city.

Avoid, if at all possible, actively creating smoke in your house. Things like burning candles, cooking on a gas stove, or even vacuuming, can increase the levels of pollution inside your house. You can't crack a window open, so be mindful of what you do around the house.

yellow sky fire hazy

Wear a Face Mask During Cleanup

You might have noticed that all over the ground this morning there was ash; it is especially noticeable in places directly affected by the smoke from the fires. You may be tempted to clean your car or outdoors, but do not neglect to wear a mask. Cleanup can expose you to the harmful substances released during a fire. Make sure you are wearing a protective mask before these byproducts irritate your eyes, lungs, nose or skin.

Check Air Quality Before Going Outside

The air quality is currently unhealthy for sensitive groups who might experience health complications if they are outdoors for longer than 24 hours. This is subject to change. You can monitor if it is safe to leave indoors here. If the AQI (Air Quality Index) approaches 151 to 200, do not venture outdoors. These readings are considered very hazardous and unhealthy.

Covid-19 Implications

If you or a loved one contract the coronavirus during this time or come into contact with someone who has, testing sites will still stay open. San Francisco has issued a statement informing residents that testing sites will remain open until further notice.

We at O2 Nano Mask hope that you and your loved ones are safe during this time. Remember to call loved ones to check on them and ensure their wellbeing. Stay safe!

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