How to Wear a Mask with Glasses

How to Wear a Mask with Glasses

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant global health crisis. Although the world has moved on from the crisis stage and progressively into the recovery stage, there is still a need to take proper precautions. 

Before this period, only specific professions make use of face masks. The current health safety concern around the world has brought a significant change to this. Everyone needs to wear a face mask in most parts of the world. It is becoming progressively essential as most parts of the world are gradually moving out of the lockdown phase. 

One of the major challenges associated with wearing a mask with glasses is learning how to wear a mask without fogging glasses. A face mask prevents the transmission of the COVID-19 virus but does not protect the eyes. Therefore, there is a need to strike a balance while wearing your glasses and face mask. Here are some effective tips that can help you on how to wear a mask with glasses.

Select the Proper Mask Size for Your Face

With the current need for face mask usage, it is very essential to select the perfect mask for your face. The mask mustn’t fit too tight on your face to prevent discomfort. Also, the face mask shouldn’t fit loosely. 

Fix the Mask Properly

The second step in using a face mask is learning how to wear it properly. This knowledge will guide you through how to wear a mask with glasses. Ensure that the face mask is properly fitted around your nose and well placed to ensure both comfort and maximum safety.

Prevent the Glasses from Slipping down Your Nose

Are you curious about how to wear a mask without fogging glasses? The key is to fit the face mask tightly on top of your nose. The aim is to limit the amount of air that escapes from the mask upward to the glasses. This air can fog the glasses and blur your vision, making you uncomfortable and exposing you to other hazards. 

Try Out Other Air Leakage Prevention Alternatives

If you are using a face mask with glasses and you need a quick hack to seal air leaks, you can try out other alternatives such as using tape or ear savers. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you can use a medical or an athletic tape to seal the upper end of your face mask from your nose bridge extending to your cheeks. Doing this will prevent air leakage from your face mask into your glasses. Also, to reduce air leaks, you can use a quality ear saver to tighten the mask's grip over your face. 

Regularly Clean Your Lens 

For the period when you would be stuck learning how to wear a mask without fogging glasses, you should cultivate the habit of cleaning your lens regularly using a good anti-fogging solution. To get the best product to use, you can check recent customer reviews about the product. Ensure that you clean your lens often because fogging occurs with gradual accumulation. However, it would be best if you kept in mind the safe handling of the glasses during this process to prevent cross-contamination. 

Properly Position Your Glasses

As you try to adjust your face mask, adjusting your glasses might be necessary. Pushing your glasses downwards above your nose would create enough space between your eyes and the lens. This space will allow proper air circulation between the lens and your eyes. Likewise, this technique would prevent the lens from getting fogged as you exhale. 

Like the technicality of wearing a mask on a sensitive skin, how to wear a mask with glasses might also pose a little challenge. However, using the right face mask properly designed for safety, wearing the mask the right way, and a little consciousness with breathing patterns can mitigate this challenge.  

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