How to Properly Wear a Face Mask

How to Properly Wear a Face Mask

Antiviral Face Mask

A face mask is an accessory or a protective gear that helps prevent the spread of disease. The demand for the use of face masks is on the rise following the global COVID-19 pandemic. If you know how to properly wear a face mask, you are one step ahead in taking preventive measures against the virus.  

Different types of face masks are suitable for various purposes. The common types are surgical, medical, and antiviral face masks, which are the recommended type for our current pandemic. In addition to these protective qualities, you can find ear-loop face masks as well as face masks with disposable filters. 

Knowing how to wear a protective mask is as important as understanding the need to wear it. You want to ensure you’re getting the maximum protection from a face mask. The steps below will guide you on how to properly wear a face mask.

STEP 1: Clean Your Hands

The first step in wearing a face mask is to ensure the cleanliness of your hands. This step is essential in preventing the face mask from getting contaminated. Wearing an antiviral face mask can become obsolete if you happen to touch your mask with your hands. It is best to clean your hands with soap and an authorized alcohol-based sanitizer before touching the mask. 

STEP 2: Unpack Your Face Mask

Knowing how to properly wear a face mask starts from learning how to unpack it from its box. The vital part of this step is to avoid damaging or making holes and tears in the face mask while trying to remove it. 

STEP 3: Identify The Sides of the Mask

 One of the most confusing parts of learning how to wear a face mask is figuring out the mask's outward and inward side. Likewise, it would be best to learn how to identify the top of the face mask from the base. 

Most manufacturers usually indicate the top and inward side of the face masks on their products, and this easy identification feature is present in ORÅ Masks displayed on our packaging. 

STEP 4: Fit the Mask to Your Face

How to properly wear a face mask depends on the type of face mask you are using. Below are common types of face masks: 

  •       Face Mask With Ear Loops: How to wear a face mask with ear loops seems to be the easiest of all. All you need to do is grab the two ear loops with your fingertips and place it across your face. Fit each loop around your ear until it feels comfortable. 

  •       Face mask with bands: learning how to use face masks with bands might be all you need to know about how to wear an antiviral face mask. Hold one of the bands with your fingertips and allow the other one to drop below your hand. Pick with another finger and place it across your nose. Allow the top strap to rest over the crown of your head while pulling the bottom strap till it rests on your neck's nape. 

  •       Face Mask With Ties: You must first learn how to secure a bow to quickly understand how to wear face masks with ties. Place the face mask at the nose level across your face. Wrap each string across your head and secure with a bow. 

STEP 5: Adjust the Face Mask

Finally, make all necessary adjustments to ensure your comfort. Likewise, you should ensure that the face mask is properly covering your mouth and nose. The bottom of the face mask should be down below your chin, while the top should be on your nose. 

Learning how to wear a protective mask is a necessity considering the present global health challenge. This process is essential to ensure your protection during this pandemic period. Also, importantly, you should get a good quality face mask that is easy to use and will ensure your safety. If you are looking for an antiviral face mask with disposable filters, check out the ORÅ Nano Mask

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