How To Clean Your Reusable Face Mask

So there we have it: our top tips for washing your reusable face mask. Think of it like washing your dirty hands - once they’re cleaned up, you want to make sure they’re properly dry, before then applying hand sanitizer for extra hygiene.

When we leave the comfort of our homes, we all now rely on face masks to help protect us from any nasty particles that might be lurking in the air. Face masks work by filtering out some of the ‘bad stuff’ we might otherwise breathe in, like smoke, dust, smog, and other unwanted particles - so it doesn’t all end up in our lungs!

It’s therefore really important to keep your reusable mask fresh and clean, to help ensure that the air you breathe is as pure and hygienic as possible.

So, here are some of our top tips on how to properly clean your reusable face mask.

How Often Should I Clean My Face Mask?

How To Clean Your Reusable Face Mask


Before we get into it, this advice only applies to reusable face masks, like the premium ORÅ Mask. Any disposable face masks shouldn’t be washed, but should be safely discarded after one use.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises that your reusable face mask should be cleaned at least once a day, or more regularly if it looks especially dirty after use. For example, if you’ve been out in the city where air pollution might be particularly high, you would want to wash your face mask, even if you hadn’t been out all day! Think of it like regular laundry - if it looks dirty, it’s probably time for a wash, and even if it doesn’t, one day’s wear is enough to warrant a clean.

So, what is the best way to wash your reusable face mask to ensure that it stays as clean and hygienic as possible?

First, Switch Out The Filter

How To Clean Your Reusable Face Mask


The purpose of your reusable face mask’s filter is to block nasty particles. So, before you wash your mask, be sure to take out the filter and dispose of it. 

If you’ve chosen an ORÅ Mask Filter, each one can be used for up to 100-160 hours, with depth filtration keeping all the bad stuff inside the filter (the ORÅ Nano Mask Filter stops 99% of PM2.5 particles thanks to its cutting edge nanofiltration technology!) 

Once the filter is out, you’re ready to wash your reusable mask.

(PS It’s important to have a good supply of spare filters, so that when you throw one out, you have another ready to use. Your ORÅ Mask will come with filters, but you can top up with five, or upgrade to get ten. Alternatively, choose a monthly filter subscription, with fresh new filters delivered direct to your door every month for extra peace of mind.)

Wash The Mask

How To Clean Your Reusable Face Mask


Sure, but how?

It’s simple: you can machine wash your reusable face mask, using regular detergent. Just throw it in with your usual laundry! Alternatively, you can also hand wash your mask, following the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Once washed, leave your mask to hang dry, preferably in direct sunlight; and be sure to check that it’s totally dry before you wear it again. If you’re not going to use the mask right away, store it safely in a resealable bag, only touching it with clean, sanitized hands - after all, shoving it straight into your dirty pocket kind of defeats the point, right?

Go The Extra Mile!

How To Clean Your Reusable Face Mask


Now that your face mask is washed, why not take one extra step that most people tend to overlook? 

Using an antimicrobial fabric spray after washing not only helps to ensure that your face mask is super fresh and hygienic, but it can also keep it smelling great too!

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