Biodegradable Technologies for Ecological Sustainability

Biodegradable Technologies for Ecological Sustainability

With the rate of human consumption, reusability and recycling are essential to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem. Aside from the biodegradable technology, there are three “R” that are essential for the sustainability and maintenance of the ecology. These three Rs represent reduction, reusability, and recycling.

It is essential to reduce the rate of human consumption of non-renewable products by looking out for options in reusable materials. Similarly, it is vital to recycle materials to ensure reusability. The good news is that the progress of biodegradable technology makes it easy to recycle and reuse materials.

The United States of America, like most other parts of the world, are taking biodegradable technology more seriously than ever before. One of our parental companies, Viaex Technologies, has decided to contribute to this global progression by practicing eco-friendly manufacturing. One of the most notable of the biodegradable technologies being explored is the biodegradable plastic manufacturing technology.

What is Ecology and Why Does it Matter?

Ecology is the study and critical evaluation of all forms of interactions that exist among living things and their environment. The environment includes both living and nonliving components. Ecology plays an important role in the overall survival of humans and other living things. The understanding of the environment is vital in keeping us away from doing things that will alter the ecosystem. Ecology is essential because;

  •   It helps us to understand the vital relationships that exist between humans, other living things, and the non-living components of the ecosystem.
  •   It assists us in figuring out the right ways to enrich our world and sustain a healthy living.
  •   It provides us with the knowledge of how vital all living and nonliving things around us are in our existence.

There is no end to how important it is to understand ecology. The mode of sustaining it and ensuring a balanced ecosystem is one of the primary goals of humanity at the moment. Ensuring sustainability, securing biodiversity, and maintaining a favorable climate are some of the reasons why this technology is vital at this point.

What is Biodegradable Technology?

First off, before going into the full concept, it is essential to understand biodegradation on its own. Biodegradation is simply the breakdown of materials through a biological process, particularly the action of microorganisms such as bacteria. Biodegradation only happens to biodegradable substances which are typically organic materials that include food materials, wood, human and animal wastes.

One of the materials that cause the biggest environmental problems is plastics and other synthetic materials. Identifying this problem demands a swift solution; hence, there is a need for promoting biodegradable technology and biodegradable plastic manufacturing technology.

One of the biggest global trends is the adoption and promotion of this technology. Biodegradable technology USA particularly explores this vital environmental sustainability option and pays more attention to biodegradable plastic manufacturing technology.

Why We Need to Focus on Biodegradable Technologies

On a broad scale, the world consumes more than it produces. And with this rate of human consumption, there is a high probability of facing sustainability problems in the future. 

The rate of consumption is on the fast rise. According to the US EPA, humans have consumed more resources in the last 50 years than in their previous history entirely. Aside from the fact that the consumption rate is alarming, it has also caused some environmental upsets. 

The US EPA, 2009 reported that 42% of the United States' greenhouse effect results from the production, consumption, and disposal of consumable materials, including regular products and foods. This environmental upset further raises the question about biodegradation and why biodegradable technologies are essential. 

According to the US EPA, 2009 about half of the tropical and temperate forests are gone. Yet, nearly 80% of human energy production comes from coal, oil, and gas. This report highlights a significant imbalance in the world's ecological system. 

Considering the imminent sustainability and environmental dangers that might arise from this imbalance in the future, there is a need for fast action. Like most other parts of the world, biodegradable technology USA is more serious than ever before. 

Our company, Viaex Technologies, decided to take up the challenge and set the pace for environmental sustainability by exploring plastics' alternatives. Likewise, they focus on eco-friendly manufacturing to bring a balance to the ecological system. 

Viaex Technology; a Model for Environmental Sustainability 

Here at Viaex Technologies, we primarily focus on environmental sustainability and maintaining ecological balance with our eco-friendly manufacturing. Our company explores biodegradable technologies to produce highly durable materials from biowaste. 

Aside from using the existing degradation technology, we also explored the advancement in this technology. This advancement aims to harness the endless possibilities of biodegradation further.

We use these technologies to transform biowaste into renewable nanomaterials useful for several purposes, including water purification, skincare, industrial separation, wound healing, food and beverage filtration, and most essentially in the production of filters for the top grade ORÅ Nano Masks.  

Viaex Technologies’ Application of Biodegradable Technology 

Viaex Technologies harness the application of biodegradable technologies in various human needs including; 

  •       Water Purification: We use sustainable materials to advance water purification to reduce contaminant pathogens. We achieve this without using chemicals or electricity and without any significant alteration to the essential salt composition. 
  •       Industrial applications: We apply this technology in various industrial processes, including oil, food, and beverage filtration. Thus, our eco-friendly manufacturing process uses bio-waste to ease industrial processes and produce highly durable materials. 
  •       Skin Care Applications: We use natural materials to offer skin solutions, including skincare and skin treatment. These materials are particularly useful for skin protection, Anti-bacterial application, anti-fungal, application, and wound healing. 
  •       Other applications: Our sustainability plan is modeled to meet the needs of many industries. Other applications of their technology include air purification, apparels, and production of face masks. 

The air purification application of Viaex Technologies becomes even more significant due to the ongoing health crisis around the world and due to this, we decided to contribute to the mitigation of this crisis by using our technology in the production of eco-friendly face masks with outstanding filtration ability.

Overall, getting rid of waste is one of the major problems that confront humanity. It raises the problem of sustainability, reusability, and renewability. The solution to these problems has forced the adoption of biodegradable and reusable materials and technologies. For instance, the use of biodegradable and reusable protective materials, particularly the application of Viaex Technologies in air purification and ORÅ Nano Masks are priceless innovations for environmental sustainability during this pandemic period. 

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