Back to School with the Kids in Need Foundation

Back to School with the Kids in Need Foundation

In preparation for getting kids back to school safely, ORA Brands launched a Back to School Safely campaign in partnership with Unibui in April 2021. ORA announced our interest to support a US-based educational non-profit organization.


The campaign goals were to provide face masks to students in need and help increase safety in schools, specifically to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


For the campaign, ORA partnered with the Kids in Need Foundation (KINF) to give back to their educational initiatives that impact the lives of students and teachers all across the country. 


Kids in Need Foundation


The mission of the Kids in Need Foundation (KINF) is to bridge the gap between need and opportunity for millions of students each year. 


Quality education, consistent attendance, and human dignity are the core beliefs that drive the KINF mission and programs. 


With the help of sponsors, their programs supply under-resourced teachers and under-served students with the necessary tools and supplies they need in order to succeed. 


Preparing Students For School


The KINF Supply A Student Program provides students with pre-assembled backpacks, each one including a variety of necessary school supplies such as pencils, markers, notebooks, pouches, and more.


They work in coordination with sponsors to either provide bulk supplies for backpack-building events or deliver pre-assembled backpacks to schools on their behalf.


The goal of the Supply A Teacher Program is to empower educators by providing necessary supplies for the classroom. Because many students come to school underprepared, often from financially struggling homes, many teachers end up spending out-of-pocket for supplies for their students. 


In fact, almost 100% of teachers use their own money to purchase supplies for their students. And, unfortunately, the majority of educators are paid below the national average. 


KINF works with sponsors to provide teachers with large boxes filled with supplies for their students to use in learning. Donors can choose to fund specific teachers or school districts and teachers can apply for these resources as well.  

KNIF Impact During COVID-19 


As we all know, 2020 was one of the hardest years to date. The coronavirus pandemic shut down schools and in turn had some other unexpected consequences. For example, students from low-income families who relied on the National School Lunch Program no longer had access to free lunches. 


The economic impact of COVID-19 exacerbated the already concerning opportunity gap in access to education.


Despite this, KINF was able to serve more than 5 million students and 205k teachers last year alone. Teachers reported that when students have access to supplies, they are much more likely to attend class, develop higher self-esteem, and succeed in school.


KINF has already had a profound impact, and they hope to double their impact and the numbers they serve in the coming 5 years. 

Better Together


ORÅ is proudly supporting KINF’s initiative in providing educational resources to help students succeed in school. 


We hope the Back to School Safely campaign in coordination with KINF’s programs will allow those to better prepare students for success and, at the same time, help protect their safety at school.

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