7 Simple Ways to Practice Social Distancing This Summer

7 Simple Ways to Practice Social Distancing This Summer

Social distancing is one of the important ways to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Individuals are advised to practice social distancing to keep themselves safe and ensure others' safety. Social distancing practices are essential to flatten the pandemic's curve and push the world further into the recovery phase. 

There are social distancing rules that you should keep to ensure a safe social distancing practice. Summer is usually a time for vacation for most individuals and families. However, the pandemic has caused a huge variation to the business as usual. It is essential to practice social distancing, whether you enjoy your usual summer vacation or not. 

Are you curious about how to effectively practice social distancing during this summer? You would find the tips below useful. 

Use The Necessary Protective Materials

One of the golden social distancing rules you must keep in mind is that you should not overlook the importance of protective materials, particularly protective masks and safety gloves. Use suitable face masks in public places, and avoid commercial or public facilities as much as you can. 

Likewise, if you are an essential worker or one of the few employees that must be present at work, you should use the CDC recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks and hand gloves.

Remember To Keep The Standard Of Your Hygiene

To ensure the best social distancing practices, you should keep the standard of your hygiene high. Regularly wash your hands, use authorized sanitizers, and ensure other personal hygiene practices are in place. 

Engage In Sport Activities In Your House

Keeping fit and healthy is an essential part of social distancing practices. You can keep fit by finding a suitable spot within your home to exercise yourself to stay healthy. Getting a mini gym in your home would not be a bad idea to stay fit and healthy. 

Stay Connected

It is essential to note that social distancing rules do not include cutting the connection between you and your loved ones. You should stay connected through contactless means with people that matter. Stay in contact with your colleagues at work, your loved ones in other locations, and other people who matter. One of the most effective ways to stay connected is through technological means like various social media platforms. 

Rearrange Your Workplace

As the world gradually moves out of lockdown this summer, workplaces are opening back; there is a need to practice social distancing as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). We already covered some work from home tips which include the arrangement of your workplace in compliance with the social distancing rules. The arrangement should ensure the safe distancing of employees among themselves and with customers. 

Use More Of Basic Signaling Gestures

Learning and adapting to the use of simple communication body gestures is a valuable skill to have during this period. These gestures will help you ensure non-contact conversations with people without having to move closer to them. Examples of these gestures are; finger pointing, hand signs that tell someone to sit, stand, go, and so on.

Avoid Crowded Locations

Summer is a time most families move around for vacation and other recreational purposes. Although it might not be the usual business, this time, there are still possibilities that you would have a large crowd in most locations. Therefore, it is best to avoid these locations to ensure proper social distance practice. 

The public health crisis around the world necessitates the need to reduce physical contacts to mitigate the pandemic's impact and further spread. This summer is a critical time to practice social distancing due to the activities around this period. Therefore, it is essential to get familiar with the best ways to carry out social distancing to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you. 

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