5 Social Distancing Games to Practice While Home

5 Social Distancing Games to Practice While Home

The act of social distancing is one of the golden rules that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to adopt. The adoption of this rule has triggered a lot of alteration in the ways things are normally done. It has even necessitated the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), particularly face masks.

It affected many sectors, including the mode of operation of several businesses, government policies, and the daily routine of several individuals, including fun activities. However, lockdown and social distancing do not mean individuals should be vulnerable to boredom or lose connection with friends and other loved ones. 

There are a lot of social distancing activities that can keep you happy, fit, and healthy. These activities include social distancing games and other fun engagements, both with families at home and loved ones that are away. Some of these games are played online to avoid the barrier of distance. 

Below are ideas of some of the social distancing activities, including social distancing games you can practice while home without violating the social distancing guidelines. These games also include some social distancing board games. 

Words with Friends

First off, it is great to know that online games are some of the best social distancing activities you can engage yourself in. "Words with Friends" is an online game that you can play with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Like the name implies, the game has to do with creating words from letters like scrabble. Each member of the game is issued a letter, and they form words with it. Any member with the highest point is declared the winner at the end of the game. 


Pandemic is an online game that came just in time with the present global pandemic. It is one of the trending social distancing board games to ease the boredom of lockdown. One of the outstanding features of the game is that it is entertaining and also informative. The game requires you to work together with your partners to halt the spread of viruses that threaten the planet. You don't talk to your partners in person, but the game's drawn cards allow you to retract some of their moves. 

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG is an entertaining online social distancing game that would particularly suit those fascinated by the action series. PUBG requires you to create an online account. You can set the game according to your details and choice of character. Once this is completed, you can invite your friends from any location in the world to complete a team of 4. The team would be assigned a mission, and the winning team is usually the last team standing. The game allows audio communication with your friends to convey strategies. 

Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars is another exciting social distancing board game. It allows 1-5 players to meet and play online. The task in the game is to settle on a landmass and make it habitable. It takes approximately two hours to complete this game. Although all the members are working towards the same goals, you have to be the one to do the most tasks to be declared the winner. 


Splendor is one of the social distancing games that require innovation and creativity. This game allows 2-4 players and takes about 30 minutes to play. The game aims to get the best possible jewels and cards, and you will run the town as the winner. 

Keeping yourself engaged is possible without breaking the social distancing rule. Most social distancing activities might not only aim at having fun. Some of the social distancing games available are innovative, informative, and creative. These games and activities will help both kids and adults to maintain a sharp mind, healthy thinking, and be mentally prepared for the post-pandemic life.
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