5 Of The WORST Things About Face Masks

5 Of The WORST Things About Face Masks

A couple of years ago, no-one could have imagined that face masks would become a modern day must-have. Now, before you leave home, you must repeat the mantra: ‘phone, keys, wallet - MASK!’ 

We know that wearing a face mask is hugely important in the fight against COVID-19; both the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organisation) agree that wearing face masks is one key measure vital in slowing the spread of Coronavirus, and therefore in saving lives. 

But we humans are sometimes irrational creatures - for many, wearing a mask is an annoyance, even if it is for the benefit of ourselves and others! 

Here’s the thing, though: we simply have to wear them. So, here’s how we’ve used intelligent design to help combat some of the very worst things about face masks…

  • 1. They’re Bad For My Sensitive Skin 

    Wearing a face mask all day can wreak havoc with some skin types, leading to itchiness or acne breakouts. So here are a few tips for those with sensitive skin.

    If masks sometimes rub your skin, try using a moisturizer, as this can help to limit irritation to your skin by forming a proactive layer. 

    It’s generally best to avoid makeup, as using a mask and makeup at the same time can clog your pores. In any case, why bother with a full face of makeup when your face is pretty much covered up?

    The best thing you can do for your sensitive skin is to choose the right mask - the ORÅ Nano Mask is highly breathable, can be adjusted for a comfortable fit, and even have hypoallergenic properties. Great news for sensitive skin!


  • 2. They’re a Glasses-Wearer’s Nightmare

    Any glasses-wearer will tell you that wearing a poor-fitting mask can create a pretty steamy situation (and not the good kind…) With every breath in a loose mask, a rising fog obscures your vision. 

    To avoid this blurry nightmare, ensure that your mask fits closely over your nose, helping to prevent the escape of warm air upwards. To reduce air leakage even further, grab yourself a 3D-printed ear saver to keep your mask nice and tight! For more info, check out our blog with some extra tips for glasses-wearers.


  • 3. They’re So Uncomfortable!

    Since you have to wear them for hours at a time, it’s super important that your mask fits properly and is comfortable to wear. 

    The ORÅ Nano Mask has clever design features including adjustable straps and a nose bridge, and is available in three sizes - so you can get the perfect fit. Take your mask-wearing to the next level and help minimize ear pain with an Ear Saver.


    4. I Can’t Get Any Fresh Air

    You might feel like you’re not getting as much fresh air while wearing a face mask, or that you’re breathing back in your own stale air, but don’t worry. The CDC says that wearing a cloth mask like the ORÅ Nano Mask doesn’t actually raise the carbon dioxide levels in the air that you breathe, as the CO2 particles are small enough to pass through the mask. 

    Designed using a cutting-edge filtration system, the ORÅ Nano Mask’s unique nanofibers allow air to pass through smoothly to increase breathability. Of course, this doesn’t come at the expense of safety; the mask helps keep you safe by effectively stopping 99% of PM2.5 particles, dust, and other air pollutants, as well as allergens, harmful bacteria and smoke.


    5. They’re Just Plain UGLY


    If style is important to you, wearing a face mask can sometimes feel frustrating. Nothing says ‘sexy’ like a surgical mask, right? Or not…

    Since we all have to wear face masks on a daily basis, it’s important to feel good while wearing one. With a sleek and stylish design, the ORÅ Nano Mask is perfect for the office, or for socially-distanced meet-ups with friends and dates. Available in two chic colours, black or gray, the ORÅ Nano Mask helps keep you safe - in style.

    It seems likely that face masks are here to stay - so you definitely need one that doesn’t drive you crazy!

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